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Newpaper article from locally owned "Retailer" October 2001:

*Hope lives here: the office of Connie Schoonover, M.S., M.Ed., LPC, CP (Caring Person)

“My goal is that someone coming to talk with me will walk out with resolution,” Connie Schoonover says about her newly-opened counseling practice in Colorado Springs. “I hope because people come and talk with me over the course of our conversations, as well as suggestions on things to put into behavioral action, that change will result, good change. I hope life will improve, situations will improve.”

Those initials after Connie’s name come from master’s degrees bestowed by Abilene Christian University and Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. They have been tempered by Connie’s own life experience.

“I feel like what makes me a good counselor is that I’ve walked the road, I’ve been through what a lot of my clients are facing,” Connie says. “I’ve had to figure it out and apply it to my own life, I’ve received healing in my own life and out of that I have something to offer. I’ve been along the road, I’ve figured out the path, figured out the shortcuts and now I can offer it to someone else.”

Connie and her husband, Steven, and their two boys moved to Colorado Springs on the eve of the attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. Steven Schoonover hooked up with Focus on the Family and Connie set about reviving the calling she was trained for. She specializes in individual counseling, but is trained and experienced in marriage and family therapy as well.


The Schoonovers constitute a Christian family; Connie’s faith touches her approach to helping. She has reached out to Christians as well as non-Christians, atheists as well as pagans. She pays each basic respect, regardless of their belief, regardless of their individual struggles. And she offers each the glittering promise of hope. “I never see a situation as hopeless,” Connie says. “There is always hope and I cannot let go of that. When an individual doesn’t have hope for themselves, sometimes they just need someone else to have it for them.”

If that sounds like you, you might give Connie Schoonover a call…she’ll listen.

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